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With over Ten of Thousands of Dubai properties being delivered Dubai homeowners will have some significant choices to make over the coming months creating a significant opportunities for corporate and leisure travelers alike when evaluating potential residential or short stay rental options.

All projects are perfectly situated to cater to corporate and tourist requirements.

The top 3 requirements for holiday Rentals in Dubai.

That the properties are being centrally located near the beach and with easy access to restaurants and retail options. Within Jumeirah Beach Residence there will be 400+ restaurant/retail options and on Palm Jumeirah there are too many planned to obtain an accurate figure but a recent article that mentioned 6 Starbucks will be on the Palm Jumeirah indicates it will be a destination in and of itself.

What does this mean for homeowners? Traditionally those that bought for investment would either sell at a profit or rent it on an annual basis. Presently Dubai long-term rental returns are achieving 5-6%.

The short stay option which caters to both corporate and tourists alike provides a higher annual return albeit with a slightly different risk.

The advantages include;

  1. Ability to use it for personal use or friends
  2. Returns are roughly twice the average of long-term leasing
  3. Flexibility to change in a fast moving Dubai rental market

Dubai is projecting almost 20+ million visitors within the next few years, the sort of growth that bodes well for any investor in the short-term holiday rental market.

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